SmartFTP Professional Activation key is one of the most popular and full-featured FTP clients available today. This guide will provide an in-depth look at everything you need to know about SmartFTP Pro including features, uses cases, pricing, competitors, and more.

What is SmartFTP Professional?

SmartFTP Professional Download free is a powerful and secure FTP, SFTP, FTPS and FTP/TLS client for Windows used to transfer files to and from web servers and other FTP servers.

It was created by SmartSoft Ltd., the makers of SmartSynchronize. SmartFTP Professional Activation key builds on the free version of SmartFTP with advanced features like:

  • Multi-connection support to transfer files much faster by connecting to a server with multiple connections. You can set any number of connections.

  • Automation through task scheduling to transfer files at specific times or intervals automatically. No need to start transfers manually.

  • Visual compare shows local and remote files side by side so you can preview changes before uploading.

  • Integrated editor to edit files directly on the remote server from within SmartFTP Professional.

  • SFTP/FTPS support for encrypted and secure connections to protect your data during transfers.

  • Drag and drop simplicity for an easy and intuitive interface. Just drag files and folders to transfer.

  • Bandwidth throttling gives you granular control over transfer speed. Useful for limiting bandwidth usage.

SmartFTP Professional also includes features like remote editing, custom commands, proxy support, port range connections, transfer queuing, and more.

smartftp professional Activation key

Key Features of SmartFTP Professional

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the standout features that make Full version crack SmartFTP Professional a top FTP client choice:

Multi-Connection Support

SmartFTP Professional allows you to segment downloads into multiple connections up to 100 connections. This splits large file downloads over concurrent streams to significantly increase transfer speed.

You can also set different numbers of connections per server. This gives you granular control over optimizing transfer performance.

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Automation Through Task Scheduling

The task scheduler gives you the automation power to have SmartFTP perform file transfers at predetermined times or intervals automatically.

This removes the manual effort of starting scheduled transfers yourself each time. Configure them once and SmartFTP will handle them automatically in the background without any intervention needed.

Visual Compare of Files

The visual compare feature gives you a quick and easy way to preview changes between local and remote files side-by-side before uploading changes.

This allows you to confirm you are uploading the right updates and prevent uploading unwanted changes by mistake. Visual compare helps improve accuracy and save time.

Integrated Editor

SmartFTP Professional has a built-in editor that allows you to modify and edit files directly on the server without downloading them first.

The editor has syntax highlighting and other coding features. You can update configuration files, HTML, CSS, Javascript and more right on the server.


In addition to standard FTP, SmartFTP Professional also supports secure SFTP and FTPS connections to keep your data encrypted and protected during transfers.

SFTP connections require SSH keys while FTPS uses TLS/SSL certificates to establish an encrypted tunnel for safe file transfers.

Drag and Drop Simplicity

SmartFTP Professional uses a convenient drag and drop interface to make transferring files intuitive and simple.

Just drag files and folders from Windows Explorer to instantly add them to your transfer queue. The simple visual interface reduces the learning curve.

Bandwidth Throttling

You can throttle or limit the bandwidth used during transfers with SmartFTP’s speed limits feature. This gives you granular control over max transfer speed.

Bandwidth throttling helps prevent using all your available bandwidth which can slow down browsing. It also avoids network congestion when transferring large files.

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Using SmartFTP Professional for Web Designers

Web designers frequently need to transfer website files between local computers and live web servers. SmartFTP Professional has many features that make it an ideal choice for web design work:

  • Preview Changes to Live Websites – Use the visual compare tool to preview changes to CSS, HTML, images and other website files. Confirm you are updating the correct files before publishing changes live.

  • Upload and Download Entire Websites – SmartFTP makes it easy to transfer complete website structures. Set filters to only transfer changed files to save time and bandwidth.

  • Sync Local and Remote Folders – Use the synchronization wizard to match the contents of local and remote folders. This automates keeping website staging and production environments in sync.

  • Connect to Multiple Servers – Manage files across many servers by connecting to multiple hosts at once with tabbed browsing.

Using SmartFTP Professional for Software Developers

For software developers who need to transfer code repositories and backups, Free download SmartFTP Professional Activation key offers several beneficial features:

  • Deploy Code Changes and Builds – Use the synchronization wizard to only copy changed files when deploying new code releases or builds for faster deployment.

  • Compare Local and Remote Code Versions – Quickly spot code differences before overwriting files using SmartFTP’s visual compare. Prevent accidentally overwriting new remote code.

  • Download Log Files and Databases – Track down remote server issues faster by easily downloading log files to your local machine for analysis.

  • Automate Backup Tasks – Schedule batch downloads of critical remote files like config files, databases, and logs to back them up locally automatically. Prevents data loss.

SmartFTP Professional vs FileZilla

FileZilla is a popular free and open source FTP client. How does it compare to SmartFTP Professional?

  • Usability – SmartFTP Professional has a more modern and intuitive drag-and-drop interface compared to FileZilla’s older design.

  • Speed – SmartFTP transfers files faster thanks to multi-part downloads while FileZilla lacks multi-connection support.

  • Automation – SmartFTP enables automating transfers with task scheduling while FileZilla lacks scheduling.

  • Security – Both support SFTP but SmartFTP adds FTPS support for extra security.

Overall, FileZilla is a good option for basic FTP needs while SmartFTP Professional offers more speed and productivity features for power users.

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SmartFTP Tips and Tricks

Take advantage of these tips and tricks to use SmartFTP Professional even more efficiently:

  • Schedule off-peak transfers – Set scheduled transfers to run early morning or late night to avoid interfering with other internet usage during the day.

  • Use port range – Configure port range connections to bypass restrictive firewalls blocking single FTP ports.

  • Create templates – Setup and save customized connection templates for different servers to re-use configurations.

  • Keyboard shortcuts – Learn shortcuts like F6 to upload, F7 for download, and F4 for pause to avoid excessive mouse clicking.

  • Integrate with source control – Use SmartFTP deployments and synchronization to update live websites from Git branches.

SmartFTP Professional Pricing and Plans

SmartFTP Professional is licensed on a subscription basis with 1-year and perpetual pricing options available. Discounts are offered for multi-year subscriptions.

Personal License – $45 per year or $250 perpetual license. For personal and non-commercial use.

Business License – $90 per year or $500 perpetual license. For commercial business use by companies.

You can often find 20% to 25% off discounts on SmartSoft’s website. The best value is a multi-year subscription of 2 or more years or buying a perpetual license.

SmartFTP Alternatives

Some popular alternative FTP clients to consider include:

  • WinSCP – Open source FTP client with a basic interface. Limited features compared to SmartFTP Professional but free.

  • Cyberduck – Mac and Windows FTP client with a focus on ease-of-use. Lacks automation and multi-part downloads.

  • Transmit – Design-focused Mac FTP client with support for SFTP, Amazon S3, and WebDAV.

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Verdict: Is SmartFTP Professional Worth It?

For basic occasional FTP transfers, a free tool like FileZilla may be sufficient. But for professional web developers, web designers and IT teams that need security, automation, faster speeds, and other advanced features, SmartFTP Professional is a worthwhile investment.

The combination of multi-connection support, task scheduling, visual compare, and other built-in tools for efficient file management and deployment make SmartFTP Professional the most powerful all-around FTP client on the market.

If you frequently transfer large files, automate deployments, work with remote servers, or manage multiple websites, SmartFTP Professional Download free will likely pay for itself quickly in the time savings and efficiency gains.

For power FTP users who want one robust tool that can handle all their file transfer needs, SmartFTP Professional is hard to beat.


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